TAMUCC GSEN 5388 course student site

Discussion created by jjnelson on Oct 21, 2011
Building a website for my TAMUCC GSEN 5388 course. http://www.jjnelsongsen5388.uphero.com/index.php?n=Main.HomePage
Currently this is the test shell.  The site will eventually include links to information, material, maps, reports and best practices pertinent to the inclusion of geospatial technology applications across multiple subject areas in both K-12 and two year community college programs in the state of Texas, through the Del Mar College Center for Economic Development office for Customized Training. This will include TEA and ESC approved CPE faculty workshops  covering geospatial technology across the curriculum.  In addition, examples of the cooperation and collaboration involved to initiate the inclusion of geospatial technology applications within curricula of selected campus academic disciplines (e.g. geography, geology, business, health science). This site will also be established and thereby noted for use in additional courses in the graduate programs in both the GSEN and EDLD programs at TAMUCC.