Batch processing!!!

Discussion created by francoisboudreault on Oct 20, 2011
Hi, I'm not familiar with python and I would like to create a "batch processing". I have more than 500 files and I want to do all these operation on each file. Can you help me?

1) With « Data Interoperability »
a. Quick Import
b. chose Format S57
c. Import test.000 file to test.GDB (Geodatabase de ESRI)

2) Open SOUNDG et DEPCNT layers from the new test.GDB file

3) Add XY coordonnates to SOUNDG layer:
a.Data Management Tools / Features / Add XY coordonnates = SOUNDG.shp

4) Convert DEPCNT line layer to point layer:
a. Data Management Tools / Features / Feature Vertices To Points = DEPCNT_pts.shp

5) Add XY coordonnates to the new point layer DEPCNT_pts.shp
a. Data Management Tools / Features / Add XY coordonnates

6) Export SOUNDG and DEPCNT_pts table to dbf file:
a. Open attribut table
b. Table option / Export = soundg.dbf and depcnt_pts.dbf