SpatialRelDescription Issue In ArcGIS 10

Discussion created by milesee on Oct 19, 2011

I am experiencing a serious issue with ISpatialFilter on an ArcGIS 9 PGDB FeatureClass added to an ArcMap10 mxd. I'm using ArcGIS 10 with SP3, although the issue was present when using SP2.

The problem occurs when using the SpatialRelDescription property of ISpatialFilter. Whatever values I use, eg. "*T*******", or "********F", i get incorrect results which usually return features that are not spatially related to the query geometry and usually some distance away.

I've also upgraded the PGDB to ArcGIS10 and still have the problem.

Could anyone else confirm this, or suggest a fix?

Update 20/Oct/2011:
I've done a lot more testing and can conclude that the problem only occurs when the query geometry or the featureclass being tested are Z-Aware. If neither of them have Z values then the SpatialFilter works correctly - I think this is an ESRI bug.

Again, if anyone could confirm this issue I'd be grateful.

Thanks in advance,