MapControl does not update after DynamicMapEnabled.

Discussion created by krid on Oct 18, 2011
I am using DynamicLayers in my application, but when I enable Dynamic Mode, the MapControl does not update when I zoom or pan.  The scrollbars responds to the zoom / pan action, but the MapControl does not draw the background rasters / features or the dynamic layers for that matter.

This usually continues for several minutes and then suddenly all is well and the MapControl responds very fast as expected.  I thought it might be linked to caching, but once the MapControl starts to respond, I can delete the cached files and response remains very good.

I even experimented with the ArcMap desktop app. I added a control to the toolbar to enable dynamic mode and loaded a simple feature layer. When I enable dynamic map mode, I have the same unresponsive display while the scrollbars seems to be active. This continues for a long time and then suddenly everything responds normally.

Can this be a graphic card problem?
I tested on the following:
Asus NVidia GTX 460 and GTX 560 graphic cards.
Intel i7 CPU with 12 GB memory.
Windows 7 x64.

Any help will be much appreciated.