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Discussion created by grantscarroll on Oct 17, 2011
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I'm having some issues with mobile popups, I can get the popup to display, but the button to view extra info doesn't show and therefore I can't see the rest of the fields.

I have followed the sample of the web but it does't show how to create the template that shows the information. At the moment I'm downloading an rss feed of rain and river information and displaying the data on a map, i'd like to use the mobile popup to show graphs of the current levels of the various sites.

code for graphic
var p = getGeometryPoint(points[0],points[1]);
    var s = getPicSymbol(indicator,category);  
    var a = {"label":label,"curvalue":description,"hilltop":hilltop};
       var i  = new esri.dijit.PopupTemplate();
       var g = new esri.Graphic(p,s,a,i);

Code for adding the mobile popup to the map

popup = new esri.dijit.PopupMobile(null,dojo.create("div")); 
        var initialExtent = new esri.geometry.Extent({
          "xmin": 1518498,
          "ymin": 5307807,
          "xmax": 1774086,
          "ymax": 5487195,
          "spatialReference": {
            "wkid": 2193
        map = new esri.Map("map", {
          extent: initialExtent,

Any ideas, help, samples of how to do this would be greatly appreciated.