Creating Button

Discussion created by miimes1 on Oct 14, 2011
Hi All,

I am attempting to create what I believe to be a complicated button in ArcObjects for ArcGIS 10.  I have had limited experience working with ArcObjects for ArcGIS 9x, but no experience with ArcGIS10. I would like this button to be able to take a layer from the table of contents (so a text box popup that allows one to type in the layer they want) or selected by attributes or the layer and be able to create a cartographic map from this layer based on a characteristic of the layer. 

So, I have monthly bird survey data from 1985 in 2 km x 2 km grid cells.  Currently all this data is in the same file, so ideally I would have a button that would allow me to select the month/year combination I want displayed in a map.  I then would like the data displayed based on the number of birds that were displayed in a cell during the monthly survey giving certain categories particular colors. Then, I would like to put this data in a map template, so all monthly surveys maps look the same.

Any suggestions?