Order of interior ring changes while storing a polygon to sde geodatabase featureclas

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We are having this issue for a long time now.We have a polygon with 3 interior rings.The interior rings were created in an order.Once we store this polygon to geodatabase using arcobjects and re-read it, we found that the order of interior rings got changed.

We want to maintain the same order in which the rings were digitized.

The polygon was created through the silverlight api.The geometry then is stored in a normal table (the Lat/Long values of each vertex of the rings gets stored in the table.Order of the ring is also maintained).The table gets read from a Geoprocessing service and the polygon was recreated and stored in the geodatabase using arcobjects code.

In the ArcObjects part of the code,we create the rings and add them to a IGeometry array.The outermost ring gets added first ,followed by the inner rings(in the same order in which they were created).Finally IGeometryBridge.AddGeometries method was used to build a polygon from array of rings.

When we check the interior ring order after creation of the polygon geometry, it reflects the same order in which it was created in the silverlight api.but once we store it in a SDE geodatabase featureclass, immediately the interior ring order gets modified.

If anyone knows a solution to this issue , kindly share your knowledge.