Lost and confused!

Discussion created by tuisong on Oct 12, 2011
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I'm hoping someone here can help me out with some answers. I'm really not sure at all what to try next, so I figure if I explain it someone will have an idea of what I need to do.

My partner works for a company that has a mapping set up of services etc and uses arc reader to access it. it would be useful in my partners line of work for him to have portable access to the maps, so he has hijacked my iPad and we're trying to figure out how he can get the map set up onto the iPad. Now between myself (mac user) hubby (tech illiterate) and the 'guy at the office' (PC user, mac illiterate) it's becoming a bit of a comedy of errors

I can't run the arc reader on my mac, but I do have the folders of files, I'm told the .pmf file is the part that has all the stuff we need. Is there a way for the iOS app to read this file? going in through the apps menu via iTunes, arcgis doesn't allow you to open files from the desktop. Is it something that I should be able to access if I know the correct server address the .pmf file is stored on and had access permissions. Or is this something that I would need to sign up to apple developer program so I can get the existing file onto the his reader app?

Like I said, very confused about this.