How to find/form a 2yr community college degree/expand into 4yr uni GIS-ONLY degree

Discussion created by vnscerri on Oct 10, 2011
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Hello everyone,

Here in Godfrey, Illinois we have a 2yr Community college, Lewis and Clark.
They just restarted their GIS classes and we were told there will be a cert in GIS...i.e.  Certificate of prof. (1yr degree approx. 18credits)

no such luck it is only a cert of completion for the two classes.
Everyone who took the 2 classes wants to get a degree in GIS as the Greater ST. Louis region is swarming with jobs for GIS, and most of us love the geo. field in some way,shape and/or form.

I have researched and none of the uni's. in STLouis or indeed the whole of Illinois have a degree in GIS.

Any suggestions options help will be greatly appreciated.

p.s.  Dont tell us to contact our 'regional office'  Min. has absolutly nothing to do with Ill. in Education (different laws,regs) and we all goto the st.Louis users group.(only 20mins drive not 8 and1/2 hours away)

Wash.U  STL U. have other 2+2 agreements with the illinois colleges near them, perhaps ESRI can help us get one started in GIS???

Big crunch being we need to show businesses need this taught in the area, (e.g. Boeing, IBM)

again thanks for any and all help