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Discussion created by ginomellino on Oct 9, 2011
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I am designing a database (coded in VB.Net - ArcMap based) to manage quarry data and wish to implement some geodatabase topology to check for overlaps between polygons. At present the data is extracted from the main GDB and is stored in shapefiles in a scratch workspace folder. The user edits these shapefiles and then the new shapefile features will be amalgamated back with the main data. All data is of polygon geometry.

I am wondering if it is possible to run topological checks between these shapefiles and featureclasses within the main geodatabase so that no features within the new shapefile overlap features in the main data? At present I was going to perform a series of select by locations to find any overlaps and then get the user to rectify them but I believe there may be a better way to achieve this, possibly using some of the ArcMap topology interfaces

If anyone could please give me some sample code or perhaps some ideas of where to look to get started with this then that would be greatly appreciated.

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