Modelbuilder: Moving the contents of a standard folder into a Geodatabase

Discussion created by ricsteve on Oct 7, 2011
Latest reply on Oct 12, 2011 by ricsteve
I've recently run into an issue I haven't managed to solve and I thought someone with more modelbuilder experience than myself (which is just about everyone) may have a solution.

I recently put together a model that essentially takes a handful of shapefiles from a folder and moves them into a personal geodatabase. I'm utilizing the "Feature Class to Feature Class" tool, which cannot be the best method to get this done.

It works, but I have to set each shapefile as a parameter so when opening the tool the user has to navigate to and add each individual shapefile before running it.

Ideally, the user should only have to select a source folder and any shapefiles within it would be selected and transferred to the geodatabase without having to select each individual file. They would simply select the source folder and destination geodatabase.

I've experimented with using a list of values for the input, but that requires a selection of specific shapefiles. The contents of the folders will not be consistent so specifying file names is an issue.

Am I overlooking a tool that can simply dump the contents of a file folder into a geodatabase? Any advice is greatly appreciated!