Geoprocessor : Job 'xyz' does not exist or is inaccessible : with UpdateDelay < 10s

Discussion created by gasparovic on Oct 6, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 4, 2013 by JGravois-esristaff
Hi everyone.

I've ran into couple of troubles with geoprocessor and geoprocessing service, this one is about the geoprocessor returning the error message
"Error: Job 'jce700bde57e945088186368fc807c527' does not exist or is inaccessible." when using JS API.

The problem is, that the job actually gets executed, I can see the outputs in the \\somserver\arcgisserver\arcgisjobs\gpbuffer_gpserver\job..., just the geoprocessor, or possibly the service gets pinged for the status, and if it's in some process of generating results it is inaccessible and thus returning the error.

If I set the UpdateDelay to 20seconds, I get the results (though I have another sort of issue with that described in another post).

I can see the same behavior in ArcGIS Explorer, the job gets submitted, is executing, but fails to the end, though the results are there in the output folder.
I can see the same behavior in REST Services Directory for the gp service, if I click the "Check values" periodically I get similar error, that the job failed "Return Messages:
An unexpected error occurred processing the request."

The service is Asynchronous, supposed to return the results via result map service.

Any ideas on how to get this running properly without setting the UpdateDelay to 'safe enough' value, but not 'boring enough' for the client to wait??

Cheers and thanks for all your help