Tiles from a custom TiledMapServiceLayer class don't load anymore after migration

Discussion created by amachadoubi on Oct 6, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 1, 2011 by amachadoubi

I've been using the ArcGIS WPF API 2.2 BETA for months and I'm trying to migrate my application to the 2.2 final version. I've just deleted the old references (v and I've added the new ones ( I can rebuild the application without any modifications. But when I try to run, my first layer (a custom one that inherits from the TiledMapServiceLayer) does not load the tiles. Something that you've changed broke this feature.

I've found a workaround. I've used the .NET Reflector tool to copy the code for the GetTileSource() method from the TiledMapServiceLayer. This method has not changed from the beta version to the final one. I override the GetTileSource() in my custom tile map layer and use the code that I've copied from the base class. If I run like that it won't work (expected!). But if I make a simple change, it works. I've changed from BitmapCreateOptions.DelayCreation to BitmapCreateOptions.None and magically it'll work! How about that?

After an investigation I saw that the addTiles() method from the TiledLayer class has changed from one version to another. Particularly, the way that you calculate the column. Do you have any clues? Should I log it as a bug?

Thank you!