Please help, probably a simple solution, thank you!

Discussion created by gosleetimothy on Oct 6, 2011
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Good day.  I am not very talented with your maps and I was hoping you could shed some light on my problems.  I would like to make a map, at the center would be a street address, say 123 Main St, Norfolk, Va.  I would like to have radious circles around that point.  A one mile ring, 3 mile ring, 5 mile ring and a 7 mile ring.  I would then like to be able to add one color pin (say red) and drop it in a location, say where somebody lives.  Then I would like to be able to drop another colored pin (say blue) to mark where that same person works.  Does any of this make any sense and if it somehow does, can you help me at all?  I would appreciate anything you can do!  Thank you.