Nearest Neighbour Raster Creation Not Working

Discussion created by dimondtrowel on Oct 5, 2011
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This is very strange as it was working perfectly before using what think were the same settings.

I'm trying to make a digital terrain model from a point shape file of XYZ coordinates.
I'm using the nearest neighbour interpolation  tool with an output cell size of 0.1m.
For some reason the output is just a whole series of zero values and nothing appears on the screen. I'm not sure why this is happening! If someone could please help me.
I think this problem started up when i started playing around with model builder and tried to make a model go from an excel file of these coordinates to create a shape file, the raster then make a topographic layer. Is it possible model builder did something to change the settings?

Also weirdly i can use the same point shape file to make a TIN, but i don't want a TIN unfortunately i need a raster!

Any help will be greatly appreciated.