Technical Certification

Discussion created by shaningesri on Oct 4, 2011
I am preparing for ESRI Web Application Developer Technical Certification prgram
(  As you know, it will be much more efficient if the preparation can be conducted in a group than by each individual.  I would like to coordinate this program.   My plan is 1) coordinate the group with about 5-10 developers; 2) collect and distribute possible Q&A's; 3) edit the Q&A's in RoboHelp format and then distribute to this group.   If you are interested, please join us as a group for it.  You  can email me at  Please include your Name, email, brief programming experience (e.g. 2 years in Flex, 1 year in Silverlight), and your current location (e.g. Columbus, OH).  Thanks for your attention.