Zoom to Extent after Click DataGrid Record

Discussion created by jakgis on Oct 3, 2011
Latest reply on Oct 3, 2011 by DSwingley-esristaff
I'm able to get the Find/Data Grid/Zoom poly feature to work just fine. 

1) Search attribute -> returns dataset in grid
2) Click on result/record
3) Automatically zooms to feature/poly.
Repeating steps 1-3 and all is well.  I can click on 10-20 records in sequence and it doesn't fail.

I tried to develop a mirror of the api above but now I'm searching for poly features generated from point to poly via buffer tool (don't know if this is causing the problem).  This works fine, but.... after repeating steps 1-3 above something gets hosed after selecting and zooming the 3rd or 4th try.  It still is able to zoom to the extent but the "symbol" outline of the selected/datagrid feature no longer displays on the map after the zoom.  Also the mouse navigation drag area windows no longer display at his point.  Anyone else experience this issue?