Geometric Network Connectivity Issues

Discussion created by ModernGIS on Oct 3, 2011

    I've been working with ArcMap v10 ArcEditor for the past few months and starting to get some really messed up errors/issues dealing with my geometric network inside my electric distribution file geodatabase. All of a sudden problems start happening. When I go through to "Set Flow Direction" it goes from Determinate Flow to Uninitialized Flow on a complex line. When I use the Rebuilt Connectivity tool, I still have the same problem. What I have come to release is in order for it to work, I need to have a minimum of 15 units/feet between vertices on a line (Complex Line) for the connectivity to work. Example: I have a PRIMARY_CONDUCTOR line with one of the vertices snapped to another line and the other endpoint is snapped to the FUSE_BANK point. In order for the connectivity, that line that snaps to the FUSE_BANK point must be more than 15 units/feet. This just now started to happen. I used the "Rebuilt Geometric Network" tool in Arc Catalog, and that does not work.

  Has anyone else been having problems with a geometric network and the tools in ArcMap v10 on working with the flow and rebuilding connectivity? This is really starting to cause big problems for me.

Thank you