bulk duplication of polylines in SDE layer, C#

Discussion created by briandr on Oct 3, 2011
We have a  SDE Polyline layers with over 30000 ploylines at any given time.  What is the most efficient way to duplicate these records into the same layer but with different Ids. For example say we have 10 polylines with OBJECT Id 1 through 10 and each has an Attribute called LineName which have values ???Line1???, ???Line2??? ??? through ???Line10???. What I want to do is create copies of these 10 poplyline geomentries into the same SDE layers while specifying my own values for the LineName attribute for these copies.

We have been doing this through ArcObjects by opening a workspace and then createing new features using the stored geometries and then writing to the SDE layer. Is there anyway to do this without involving ArcObjects and directly using a SQL Stored procedure or doing if more efficiently in ArcObject through some sort of ???bulk??? mode.