On-the-fly Clip (Raster Function)doesn't generate stats based on displayed cells only

Discussion created by mzweifler91 on Oct 3, 2011
I was hoping that using on-the-fly Clip Raster Function from the Image Display window would allow me to generate a histogram/ stats that only pertain to the resultant displayed cells. However, it appears that my resultant temp CLIP layers still use the original source raster for any stats when attempting to display the <sourceraster>_Clip temp layer using Stretched or Classified renderers

I am working with U.S. national extent raster datasets with a VAT ( i.e. not imagery). So for example if I was to use a Natural Breaks Classifiers to render an on-the fly clip to a State ( e.g. Michigan) of a national layer with VALUEs of 1-100, I would expect and desire that a Natural Breaks Classification or a Stretch would be based on stats calculated only from the display cells ( i.e. cells inside of a clip of the State of Michigan) and not the full extent of the source raster that covers the entire lower 48 states. But alas, it appears that the on-the-fly clip only affects the display. THe resultant tempoary Raster Function layer does NOT seem to allow me to generate stats for clipped out cells only.
I'm hoping that I am missing something. I want to have my data stored one-time as a national raster dataset and be able to use on-the-fly Raster Function Clip layer for getting at a histogram/stats for cases when I want to only look at sub-regions of the raster ( e.g. a State or an ecoregion). Using a stretched renderer with the stats from 'Current display extent' option comes close to what I need but it appears that the display extent stats use source raster as reference -so that the bounding rectangle of the display is used ( not what I want) when what I want is that it only use the cells displayed within my clip

Thanks for any help or suggestions , including better understanding of where ESRI intends to go with this Raster Function capability