Projection Problems iOS App

Discussion created by ODOT_CO on Oct 3, 2011
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So I have two point files I want to display in a map on the iOS App.  It's my understanding that the shapefiles will need to be in WGS 1984 for it to display correctly.  One of the point files is already in this GCS, and works fine.  The other is in NAD 1983, and despite attempting:

1. Changing Definition to WGS 1984 in Arc-Catolog (not projected)
2. Re-projecting the shapefile by importing coordinate definition from working file, and trying the five different transformations

I still cannot get this file to show correctly in the iPhone app.  It will display fine in the PC-based application ArcGIS.com where the map is being created. 

Am I missing a step here?  Any solutions to this issue?