Iterate through list of parameterized field values in Model Builder?

Discussion created by crackernutter on Sep 30, 2011
Latest reply on Oct 3, 2011 by smehta-esristaff
Hello - I know there is a way but can't figure out how to do this in Model Builder.  Currently, my model accepts as a parameter a single feature class.  Later there is a Select statement that uses a hard coded field name in the query section to create a new feature class, and then the rest of the model runs, generating a single output feature class. 
Here is what I would like: once the user chooses the single input feature class, s/he can then create a list of different field names (based on that input feature class).  The field names in this list are used to populate the SQL query in the Select statement (each SQL query accepts only one field name).  The rest of the model runs once for each field name, and spits out the same number of output feature classes as there were input field names.  I hope that makes sense. 
Here is what I can't figure out:  1.  How to create a variable that allows the user to create a list of fields based on the input feature class.  2.  How to iterate through this list of field names, feeding them to the Select statement somehow so the rest of the model runs once per field name.  I can't tell if I need to use an iterator here (and which type of iterator) or a parameter that accepts a list of values, and how to connect it all so it works.  Any assistance would be of great help.