AddIn using AGS selection to update extent of ArcMap Activeview

Discussion created by crdnlpwr on Sep 27, 2011
I've created an addin button that goes to an ArcGIS Server map service, selects a feature and then sets the geometry envelope of that feature to the activeview view extent in ArcMap.   The code doesn't error out, but I can't seem to get the values for the new envelope to stick to the values of the activeview extent.  Any ideas?

private void button2_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
            IGISServerConnection pGISServCon = new GISServerConnection();
            IServerObjectManager pSOM = pGISServCon.ServerObjectManager;
            IServerContext pServerContext = pSOM.CreateServerContext("ZoomTest", "MapServer");
            IMapServer pMapServer = pServerContext.ServerObject as IMapServer;

            IMapServerObjects pMapServerObjs = pMapServer as IMapServerObjects;
            IMap pMap = pMapServerObjs.get_Map(pMapServer.DefaultMapName);

            ILayer pFLayer = pMap.get_Layer(0) as ILayer;
            IFeatureLayer pFeatureClass = pFLayer as IFeatureLayer;

            IQueryFilter pQfilt = new QueryFilterClass();
            pQfilt.WhereClause = "UTB_ACCOUNT = '031935'";
            IFeatureCursor pFC = pFeatureClass.Search(pQfilt, false);
            IFeature pFeat = pFC.NextFeature(); // all queries will return only 1 feature
            IGeometry pGeom = pFeat.ShapeCopy;
            IEnvelope pEnv = new EnvelopeClass();
            pEnv = pGeom.Envelope;

            IMxDocument pMxd = ArcMap.Document;
            IActiveView pActiveview = pMxd.ActiveView;

            pActiveview.Extent = pEnv;// pActiveview extent not updating to the envelope of pEnv