Creating a Custom Raster Type Sample issues

Discussion created by sharkins on Sep 27, 2011
I am using a modification of the code sample for Creating a Custom Raster Type found here to generate thumbnails for images as they are being added to a mosaic dataset. 

This functionality is already accessible through the 'Build Thumbnails' option of the Add Rasters To Mosaic Dataset geoprocessing tool, but I need some finer grain control of the size of the image which is not provided by geoprocessing.

While everything works well with some image formats, when testing with some Quickbird Multispectral data I've found that the ThumbnailBuilder code from the Creating a Custom Raster Type output produces different thumbnail output than the geoprocessing tool Add Rasters to Mosaic Datasets.  The thumbnail from the geoprocessing tool looks correct while the thumbnail from the ThumbnailBuilder is all black.

Can someone from ESRI plese provide some insight on how the 'Build Thumbnails' option of the geoprocessing tools is working behind the scenes so that I can recreate this functionality using ArcObjects?  I'm guessing that the Resample method provided in the sample needs some modification but I'm not sure where.  Thanks.