How do I not show annotation without loosing it's placement?

Discussion created by almondo on Sep 27, 2011
Latest reply on Oct 19, 2011 by mcallough

- I'm using feature linked annotation that has been manually placed.
- The linked field in the feature class is an integer which is updated every couple minutes
- I only want to show the annotation if the value of the integer is > 0.

My issue is that whatever mechanism I've tried (setting value to 'null' in table, setting query expression to only show anno when value > 0, other ...) whenever the anno is not shown, then a valid value comes in the anno is re-created at the default location and the manually placed location is lost.

How do I 'filter' anno without loosing it's location when it's not displayed? The only workaround I can see is using a string field instead (and setting value of anno to "  ") .... but that would be lots of re-work for other reasons so is a last resort.