Google Layer Zoom and Pan Issues - please help

Discussion created by Dhliwayo on Sep 27, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 28, 2012 by jeff.pace

I have successfully developed a web app using JSAPI and Google layer using gmapslayer.js.

The problem which I have is that when i zoom or pan especially using drag and drop there is a slight but noticeable delay between my dynamic service layers and the Google layer. Where as my DMS will follow the drag and drop movement immediately, the Google map tends to follow a second or 2 later.

I have checked my other background layer which is open street map and it does not have the same problem!

Has any one experienced this? I think the ArcGIS Google Map Extension may not have the same problem but I have gone so far in the implementation of this app, I would not like to rewrite it again.

Can i use Google Map Extension with AGIS Javascript API?
Any help/leads would be most appreciated.

Thank you,