Dynamic Services hiding basemap streets labels?

Discussion created by smenefee on Sep 23, 2011
Latest reply on Sep 26, 2011 by raycarnes
I created a cached layer (streets, parks, hydrology, etc.) that will be used as a basemap where operational dynamic data will be placed on top of.

However, one of the issues I'm having is the dynamic layers hiding my street labels.  For example, one of our dynamic layers is township boundaries (yes I know we could cache), which usually follow roads.  So, when I place the dynamic townships boundaries on top of my basemap the lines go straight through my labels, covering most of them up.

I thought about offsetting the labels off of the road but then the dynamic parcel boundaries are on top of the labels.  As a remedy to this I am thinking about having a cached basemap with no labels that would go on bottom of dynamic services, and a cached basemap of only the labels, which would go on top of the dynamic services (akin to how ArcMap labels are always on top of all features).

Has anyone else had this issue of dynamic services covering up important items in their cached basemap?  Any help would be much appreciated, thanks!