New support site doesn't permit access to old threads?!

Discussion created by amallen on Apr 13, 2010
Latest reply on Apr 16, 2010 by jlars510
ESRI has made it impossible to find threads on the old forums. As a test, I have searched for old threads on the new site by entering the exact title from some old threads. The new site doesn't find them!

Does ESRI think years of user information is no longer relevant? Or did they decide to simply jump ahead without testing the new site's functionality? On top of that, we can't go back and search the old forums - they removed the search box!

I use the forums all the time and now ESRI has made it nearly impossible for me to do part of my job. (I can get to some old threads via Google and a good memory.)

Thanks ESRI, you really screwed your users on this one.

Aaron Allen
Albuquerque, NM