A Shapefile is being edited although it is not on the editing workspace.

Discussion created by dgesri on Sep 22, 2011
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I started an editing session from the Editor toolbar in ArcMap 9.1 on a SDE FeatureClasses, then I just tryied to copy the shape of one feature into another feature using the following code:

[INDENT][INDENT][INDENT] g_pEditor.StartOperation()
If g_pDstnFeature.Shape.GeometryType = g_pSrcFeature.Shape.GeometryType Then
      g_pDstnFeature.Shape = g_pSrcFeature.Shape

Till now everything seems to be just working fine since I can select a feature from one FeatureClass then select another feature from another FeatureClass but with the same geometry type and finally that code will set the shape of the second selected feature just like the first one and also located on top of it.

Now the problem is when I add a shapefile to the Map, and I select a feature from a FeatureClass (SDE Feature) and then I select another feature from the shapefile as follows:

[INDENT][INDENT][INDENT]featureClass feature = g_pSrcFeature
shapefile feature = g_pDstnFeature

After that and when runing the above code, the shapefile feature shape will be the same as the shape of the SDE Feature even though the shapefile is not included on the edit workspace.

How is this inconvenient behavior happening?
What would be the solution for such an issue?

Thanks in advance for understanding my request...