ArcMap tools not returning transactions

Discussion created by senyedy on Sep 21, 2011
Latest reply on Sep 22, 2011 by bdemers-esristaff
Hello everyone,

I am new to using JTX and trying to set up a test environment. I cannot get the ArcMap Transaction tools to work and am calling on your expertise, I may be missing something obvious here.

I have set up workflow for a job step to smart-launch ArcMap. Once in ArcMap, I make a number feature edits, save, yet when I try to use either the Feature Inspector by clicking on the feature, or the Transaction Inspector, I get "no transactions found".

I believe I have correctly worked through the post-install to set up users and privileges, and registered the datasets I am editing with JTX for the GlobalID field.

Anything I else that I need to do?

I am not using versioning (editing the default database) and am using JTX 9.3.1 build 128 on a SQL Server database.

Sue Enyedy-Goldner
Halton Region