Direction compressed geometry return rounded coordinates

Discussion created by Mitrich2 on Sep 20, 2011
I have Route Task that return route and directions.
ArcGIS Server 9.3.1
When I compare coordinates in geometry from directions and coordinates from returned route, I found that coordinates in directions are rounded.
For example
1/ First geometry in directions (first start point)
    +1+8ml3h+6mgbr+0+0 (compressed geometry)
     x=9131121,y=7029115 (uncompressed coordinates)

2/ Route
Path0:[9131120,5196,7029114,5867],[9131712,0392,7028750,7598],[9131801,4032,7028661,28]...247 more...
First point have decimals.
x=9131120,5196, y=7029114,5867

any suggestions?

My goal is find the vertex number of all  stops in the route polyline