Intermodal transport with restricitions and different transport modes

Discussion created by hoefet on Sep 19, 2011
Latest reply on Sep 21, 2011 by bsriramak
For an intermodal transport network model, I want to include restrictions to the type of ships (size) that can navigate through certain waterways. I want the model to calculate the lowest cost for routes that might have smaller ships, but that can navigate through the whole waterway or might have large ships on large waterways with transshipment to smaller ships for smaller waterways.
At this moment, I included different networks for each waterway. These are connected via harbor nodes were transshipment can take place. I want to know if it is also possible to use a single network dataset for all ship sizes and restrictions specific per ship type. I don???t know how to deal with it as transshipment is required between ships. It cannot simply add the segmented cost of small and big ships, but has to decide whether it is cheaper to take the small ship for the whole route, or if the cost for transshipment pays off against economies of scale for a larger ship combined with a smaller ship.