routePolyline.Cut() causes deadlock?

Discussion created by Kaspatoo on Sep 16, 2011

I run my programm with another data which is much bigger than in the tests before.
I have a polylineClass with many polylineFeatures in it.
With IFeatureCursor.next() I loop through all features.
For every Feature I call
routePolyline.Cut(contourPolyline, out left, out right);

The loopTurn #10007 fails in going into nirvana. Until some minutes VisualStudio calls a deadlock.
It doesnt matter if I skip one of the features which wont fail or if I just skip #10007.
Everytime loop #10007 fails in deadlock.

The objects seem not to be corrupt as debug told me.
For me it sounds like an overheat. But whats 10006 a number for?
Does anyone know something about limits? Is ESRI not build for working with large data?

Thanks for ideas and discussions!