What do the Deployment Tool Options cover?

Discussion created by mcorbin-esriuk-esridist on Sep 16, 2011

I'm struggling to find documentation on what the options in the Deployment Tool actually cover. I'm currently trying to do it via a process of elimination to find out what I need. I have an application that roughly has the following.

Base map based on local data (tpk)
Address Search based on local data (apk)
Feature Layer containing Asset data based on local data - mpk containing one point feature class
Heat Map Layer
All data is in British National Grid projection

Address search that zooms to map to result
Editable Feature Layer loading the mpk
Local Editor Widget that use the Feature Layer to support editing of local data source
Clustering on the Feature Layer
MapTips on the Feature Layer
QueryTask to get all the data from the Feature Layer
HeatMap Layer that generates using the results of the QueryTask

My question is what options do you think I need to create the smallest runtime deployment package to use this functionality?

Maybe I've missed a load of documentation but it's a bit vague as to what Additional Vector Formats, Addiotnal Raster Formats, Additional Projections etc actually cover.

The part I also find a tad unclear is around editing. The mpk was generated from a file geodatabase, so when I use the editing functionality in the Runtime am I right to assume it's editing a fgdb in the underlying mpk? In terms of the deployment tool, to get the editing to work when the app is deployed it seems that I have to turn on the SDE option which then makes me select a database option (sql server, oracle etc). There isn't an option for local editing here. Can you clarify what exactly I should be using in this situation?