Question on display value for objects in model

Discussion created by gman on Sep 15, 2011
Hi all
I hope I'm posting in the right forum here... I have an ArcToolbox model and I want to display the text label for certain objects in that model so I know what they are doing at each step. Apparently you simply right-click on the object, select 'Display properties' and change the value in the NAME field. This seems to work fine. However, whenever I validate the model, or save and re-open, or run the model, all the names revert to their original name. Am I missing a step here, or is this a bug? Part of the model came from an esri template, so some of the objects have custom names that stick. The ones that I try to change will not stick. Same thing happens when I create a model from scratch as well, so it's not that the esri template is somehow locked. Any thoughts or do I need to contact support? Oh ya, version 10 SP1...
Thanks, Gavin