How to batch export a single attribute to a file based on a selection.

Discussion created by kpurdon on Sep 15, 2011
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Hi all, I'm currently starting a new project and need some help.

The data:
- Point shapefiles containing many attributes of remotely sensed glaciers. (Browse files, so under sampled data)

- Some polygon boundary of a persons study area (Changes person to person)

The project:
- After importing all the shapefiles for all the data we have the person would use "Select by Location" to make a selection of all the points within there study area.

- Then they would export all of the unique "FRAME" id's. "FRAME" is a numerical attribute
FRAME = (Ex. 2011050201020) for YEAR_MONTH_DAY_SEGMENT_FRAME so 2011_05_02_01_020

-With a list of unique segments within there study area the user could then download the full datafiles for there study area.

-The export should be to a .txt .csv or something like that that is usefull to the user. Maybe even just export to a .shp to add back in and look at the FRAME field?

Any ideas ?? Any help appreciated! Thanks!