Convert NAD83 Coordinate system to Lat & Long Coordinates on Point Feature Class

Discussion created by ModernGIS on Sep 15, 2011
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   I am working on a small project that was assigned to me. I currently have a feature class called SUPPORT_STRUCTURES which is a point feature class of all of our power and service poles in our district. Currently - I have the Projected Coordinate System set to NAD-1983_StatePlane_Washington_North_FIPS_4601_Feet. For each pole, I have an X and Y coorindate in the attributes. That was created not by GPS but once I placed all of the poles with the help of our ortho photos. NOW - what I need to do is determine the Latitude and Longitude for each pole. I am working on using this data with a another peice of software and in order to add the data it requires the Lat and Long coordinates in order to place the data at the correct locations.

   How would I do this using ArcMap 10 - ArcEditor?

Thank you