Displaying Rasters in ArcGIS  10

Discussion created by dmcconna on Sep 14, 2011
I did not see any existing forums on this.   Displaying Elevation raster  floating point GRID  for a large area (30 mile buffer of Idaho).  In 9.3.1 I can see the stretch very nicely by default.  But in 10, I have to zoom to raster resolution to see the contrast, otherwise it looks completely black.  9.3 has a check box in options for display raster datasets with contrast stretching.  I do not see a similar option in 10.  I'm concerned that it will print completely black as well.  Just testing 10 now on a remote server, which is slow, 9.3 is a local install.  Do I need to "upgrade" rasters created in 9.3  to use in 10?  So then I tried an integer grid - several attributes, but only  109 records, but it is still trying to draw after 5 minutes.