Debugging CalculateField_management

Discussion created by hajasw on Sep 14, 2011
Latest reply on Sep 16, 2011 by mnakleh
I am working with ARCGIS 9.2.  There is a general and a specific aspect to my problem.

Specifically, I have a table with three boolean fields; x, y and z.  I want to make a new field, w, where w= x or y or z.  I have created the new field.  If I understand the documentation correctly, then the command to populate w is:
   gp.CalculateField_management ('file.shp', 'w'," !x! or !y! or !z!",'PYTHON')
The command isn't working.  Does anybody have any suggestions?

More generally,  CalculateField_management is blocked when using a dispatch based application - so how can I debug the commands?

Thanks very much,
Wayne Hajas