Cost of straight-line path

Discussion created by aestephe on Sep 14, 2011

I am trying to calculate the total cost of a straight line between any given point in a raster (my study area) and a single point-feature (an acoustic receiver). Quick background - I'm working with an acoustic telemetry system so am interested in estimating how much submerged vegetation exists along any possible acoustic path to a receiver...because veg absorbs sound, so will affect the probability of detecting an acoustic signal.

I have created a cost-raster (density of vegetation). However, all of the spatial analyst tools seemed to be designed to find the LEAST-cost path between points. I'd like to find a tool or method that will calculate the costs of a constrained, straight-line path from every pixel to my receiver, and create a raster of these costs.

It seems like it should be straight forward, but I'm struggling!!! Any thoughts?!

Thank You!!!