Managing Metadata with Geoprocessing Tools User Conf Demo?

Discussion created by kreuzrsk on Sep 14, 2011
Latest reply on Oct 4, 2011 by avienneau-esristaff
There was a very good session at the Geodatabase Management Demo Theater at this year's User Conference.  But like most of the conference sessions there is no way to capture all the information being presented.  I was waiting for the "Managing Metadata with Geoprocessing Tools" slides to be posted to the ESRI website but the topic doesn't show up.  Only a small portion of the Technical
Workshops and Paper Presentations have been uploaded.

Does anyone have the slide presentation or a copy of the model used in the demo?  It was a great example of things I need do which can be done using ESRI supplied XSLT templates.  I need to remove machine names and IP address from my metadata.  These occur in the Online Linkage and sometimes in the Processing Steps.

(I wish there was a dedicated forum for metadata)