GeoProcessing Pack Routing performance concerns

Discussion created by psiclopz on Sep 13, 2011
Latest reply on Sep 26, 2011 by miripsystematics-co-il-esridist
We're seeing some concerning performance issues related to routing using local data via the GeoProcessing tools.  Thanks to Ralf we were able to get a functional gp model to create a gpk for routing.  I tried creating two packs, one using just the data for Arvada, CO, and one using the data for 10 states (Western US + Alaska).

Inside ArcMap creating a route using Arvada's data took 3 seconds.  Using the gpk via Runtime took 4 seconds (this is for a very short route, maybe 2 miles total).  This is a long time for a short route.

I saw the same results using the 10-state pack as the Arvada pack.  That is good because it means performance is the same irregardless of data size after startup.

After that it seems to be almost a linear progression of distance to time.  A route from Longmont, CO to Arvada, CO took 11 seconds to build, and a route from Laramie, WY to Arvada, CO took 17 seconds to build.

This is much slower than the routing engine in MapObjects, and even Bing web services takes less than a second for the same route.

It seems like there are serious performance concerns for doing routing via the GeoProcessing tasks.