Publishing custom geoprocessing tool as service fails

Discussion created by s.offermannconterra-de-esridist Employee on Sep 13, 2011
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I have developed a custom geoprocessing function tool using C#. The dll is depending on some other DLLs, all located in one folder called "C:\gp". I have created a toolbox containing the custom gp function, the tbx file is also located in the folder C:\gp. When I try to publish the toolbox to arcgis server (runs local on my windows 7 machine "breton"), I get the following errors:

Configuration maintain.GPServer can not be started.
Configuration maintain.GPServerSync can not be started.
Server Object instance creation failed on machine breton.


Unspecified error

I verified that the soc account has full control on folder C:\gp

What can go wrong?

btw it is possible to publish a toolbox just containing an empty model.

Best regards, Stefan