buffer creates slivers and holes

Discussion created by DennisJongsomjit on Sep 12, 2011
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Hi everyone,

I'm trying to create multiple ring buffers at distances from 1km to 20km using a shapefile containing multiple polygons using 9.3.1.  The tool finishes without an apparent problem, and at distances up to about 8km the buffers all look good. But between 9km and 11km slivers start to appear within the buffers.  At distances greater than 11km, large gaps appear within the buffers.

I'm using the multiple ring buffer tool with dissolve set to NONE and Outside Polygons Only check ON.

This problem occurs even if I run it on only a single polygon selected from the shapefile.  Doesn't seem to matter of the polygon is complex (e.g. multiple polygons as one unit) or simple (e.g. a square).

Anyone seen this before?  Any fixes or workarounds appreciated.  I have to do this for ~300 polygons.


ps: When I run a 20km buffer in the Buffer Wizard, the buffers come out correctly.  But this means I would have to run the buffer wizard 10 times.  Fine, but the wizard output table does not contain any of the original shapefile data from the table, so this means I also have to also do 10 table joins and transfer the data over 10 times so I can ID the polygons correctly....