Need to add supplementary properties to LabelEngineLayerProperties

Discussion created by Pimplebutt on Sep 8, 2011
My Environment

  • Visual Studio 2008

  • .NET Framework 3.5

  • Visual Basic.NET

  • ArcEngine 9.3.1

I need to add supplementary information to LabelEngineLayerProperties instances and cannot find a way to do so. As best I can tell, this class cannot be inherited, so I cannot add properties by inheritance. It also has no properties that are not required for labeling, (like a Tag As Object property) that I could add information to. And there are no interfaces that LabelEngineLayerProperties supports that have the ability to accept custom properties, like the IElementProperties interface does for graphic elements.

You may be thinking I could use the LabelEngineLayerProperties.Class property, which is a string, and is commonly used to provide a name for your labelset... this is how ArcMap uses it.

I cannot use that property because I am allowing end users to name (and rename) their labelsets that they create or that are found in the mxd they are working on.

It looks like ESRI has handcuffed and hogtied me on this one.

Any ideas?