Python to Turn On/Off Legend Limiter Toolbar

Discussion created by mmolter on Sep 8, 2011
I used arcpy.mapping to automate a thematic mapbook that we used to create manually.  When we manually create the mapbook, we are able to use the Legend Limiter toolbar (3rd party extension) to make a dynamic legend for each themed page.  However, when we automate the process with arcpy.mapping the Legend Limiter toolbar doesn't work because if you turn on the toolbar before you run the script, no layers have been added to the TOC or legend for the toolbar to use.    Is there a way to write a script in Python that tells the script to turn on the legend limiter toolbar once the layer and legend have been added?  It will be a year before our office gets ArcGIS v 10.1 which does have dynamic legend capability. I'm trying to find a work around in the mean time.  Ideas?