Difficulty converting DEM to Contours

Discussion created by tdsaulnier on Sep 8, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 22, 2012 by zishan_0091
I have been trying to use the Spatial Analyst > Surface > Contour tool to create contours from an input DEM.  The tool appears to run in ArcMap. (I'm running ArcInfo 10 with Spatial Analyst.) However, it doesn't generate a contour layer.  All I see instead of the "tool complete" popup is a popup with a red circle with an X in it and the tool name, which quickly disappears.  It doesn't give me an error message.  So I really can't figure out what's going wrong.

The DEM has a bil extension.  Is that a normal DEM type file?  I can't preview it in ArcCatalog.  It just appears as a grey square.

Any ideas?