Data Driven Pages- labeling neighbor tiles problem

Discussion created by jwhangen32 on Sep 8, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 17, 2012 by cmoritz
My fire department has a robust set of mapping products (run books for the trucks) that was constructed and maintained with the old Mapbook technology.   We have recently upgraded to Arc 10 and are having significant problems with Data Driven pages, particularly labeling neighbor tiles.  The key problem is that the index grid is not orientated to grid north, so when I use the Calculate Adjacent Fields tool, it bombs out.  The fire department is adamant that they need neighboring tiles labeled, and I agree with this.   They are also extremely reluctant to abandon the grid they are using because the map book is exactly how they want it, and there are other derivate products from the present grid.   I also suspect, but have not confirmed that, while they look similar, the tiles might not be exactly the same size.    Does anyone know of any workarounds to getting Data Driven pages to label neighboring tiles that does not involve the Calculate Adjacent Fields tool?

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