EDIT YOUR DETAILS Section Seems to be MIA. (help?)

Discussion created by efinnen on Apr 12, 2010
Latest reply on Apr 13, 2010 by mhogan-esristaff
I'm not getting emails sent to me automatically when a thread I started gets updated. I'm thinking my default email goes to a previous employer so I wanted to check what was listed I went through the help and found the section listed below.

[INDENT]You can change your account information using the User Control Panel. For basic profile details (including your email address and password), click on the 'Edit Your Details' option from within the User CP. This page allows you to set a number of required and optional details, some of which will be displayed on your public profile. With the exception of your email address, do not enter information that you do not wish to be publicly viewable.[/INDENT]
I can login and I can find EDIT SIGNATURE and GENERAL SETTINGS but I can't seem to find EDIT YOUR DETAILS.

FWIW: I do have "Instantly, using Email" selected on Default Thread Subscription. Still not getting anything though.

Any help/suggestions would be appreciated