Search Cursor - Search Entire Row?

Discussion created by byoungs32 on Sep 6, 2011
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This may be an obvious question but I am having a little trouble with this... I am writing a script to loop through all the feature classes in a given workspace, and I need to search all fields (or all string fields, at minimum) in each feature class based on a provided string.

Essentially, I need to do what the 'Find' command in ArcMap is supposed to do, except I need to run this automatically on hundreds or potentially thousands of feature classes.

I have been playing around with a Search Cursor to do this, but I havent been able to iterate through each field for every row of the table successfully.

I am sure I could call the 'Select by Attributes' tool in Python and re-run that tool for each field in the feature class, but that seems inefficient to me.

Has anyone done anything like this before? Am I over-thinking this one and there is a simple solution?

I am using 9.3.1 in this instance but could write it for 10 if necessary. Thanks in advance.